Accelerate Advanced AI

It might be argued that we should accelerate the development of smarter-than-human AI.

One line of reasoning is that the world has some major problems to face up to: bioterrorism, advanced nanotechnology, climate change, and global poverty, that we are not up to handling well. Developing smarter-than-human AI might allow us to handle these problems. This is probably true for the former problems, but the later problems are the result of a Power imbalance, and it isn't clear that advanced AI will improve the situation.

A second line of reasoning is that HardwareOverhang means we are better developing smarter-than-human AI now, while the hardware can barely support it, than in 50 years time when it will be able to rapidly accelerate out of control. This reasoning carries some weight today, but won't for much longer. As of 2016 the number of transistors made each year was approximately equal to the number of human brain neurons in the world, but the number of transistors being made grows by a factor of 10 every 5 years and the human population grows far more slowly.

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