Global Basic Income

A global basic income is an amount of money received by every person in the world irrespective of their status. A global basic income would help mitigate the labor disrupting effects of near-human-level AI. A reasonable amount might be $10 per day.

There is a lot of interest in the concept of basic income at present. Partisan on the left see it as a fundamental right in a world with fewer jobs than people, while those on the right see it as an alternative to a bloated bureaucracy that administers multiple social welfare programs.

There are however two difficulties. The first is where the money comes from. A tax on wealth/capital or income seems reasonable, but even if it replaces existing taxes, those currently privileged by this wealth/income are likely to resist.

The second, possibly greater difficulty is in making it global. Near-human-level AI will have globally disrupting effects, and so a global safety net is needed, but it isn't clear that those that end up winners from near-human-level will be willing to assist those in other countries that end up losers.

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