Killer Robots

Lethal autonomous weapons, aka killer robots, are no longer the stuff of science fiction. There is a movement to ban killer robots analogous to the bans on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

A ban on killer robots appears highly desirable from a humanitarian perspective. The difficulty in obtaining a ban might be states that currently have an advantage in AI see killer robots as a way of fighting wars at lower cost to themselves.

Many countries support a ban on killer robots. China is supportive of a ban on the use (but not development) of killer robots. The U.S., Russia, France, Israel, and Russia are opposed to any ban.

A ban on killer robots is unlikely to have much effect on the pace of AI or the emergence of AGI. In this sense it might even be a distraction to the broader AGI policy issue.

However, the process around working towards such a ban, could be beneficial in that it could serve as a predecessor to treaties dealing with advanced AI and AGI, as well as in helping break the taboo around discussion of future AGI scenarios.

Also, once AGI emerges any sufficiently advanced and powerful non-boxed AI would be able to re-engineer itself to achieve lethal capabilities in order to meet its goals, so any ban isn't absolute.

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